Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association Of Victoria Inc

Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association Of Victoria Inc is a small-scale charity established in 1990. Their main activity is registered as religious activities primarily serving general community in australia.

> By engaging in, and provide services and activities to promote Buddhist spiritual values and traditions and pastoral services to those in need. > By building accommodation and facilities, so that more people will be able to attend residential retreats and to provide facilities and further support for the congregation, including the Buddhist Youth Group. > By conducting fundraising activities in response to natural disasters as well as for the development and maintenance of the monastery's facilities. > By conducting traditional events to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Buddha's Birthday, Parent's Day and the Autumn Moon Festival (for children) as part of Vietnamese Culture.

Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association Of Victoria Inc

Who They Help

  • General community in Australia



Total employee expenses: $0 (0% of revenue).
Average full-time equivalent salary: $0.

Revenue vs Expenses

Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association Of Victoria Inc has seen an average annual decline of -5% in revenue versus a -3% p.a. decrease in expenses. This imbalance can sometimes mean a challenge for long-term financial management.

Assets vs Liabilities

Sources of Revenue

Sources of Expense

Responsible People

Van Thieu
Martin Lowe
Van Truong Vo
Chung Thi Dang

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Registration Status
Charity is registered.
DGR Status
Not endorsed.

Donations are not tax deductible.

Office Address
85 Lynch Rd
VIC 3060
Operating States
Operating Countries
Viet Nam
Entity Type
Other Incorporated Entity

Other incorporated entity includes an entity that has the same characteristics as a company but is not incorporated as a corporation's law company. This category includes: a branch of an overseas company not incorporated in Australia (often the name ends in corporation) incorporated associations which are incorporated under a State Act incorporated charitable institutions

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