Australian Scholarships Limited

Also known as “Australian Scholarships Foundation” and “Australian Scholarships Fund”, Australian Scholarships Limited is a medium-scale charity established in 2018. Their main activity is registered as continuing education primarily serving adults - aged 25 to under 65 adults - aged 65 and over aboriginal and torres strait islander people gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex persons migrants, refugees or asylum seekers people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background people in rural/regional/remote communities other charities.

Australian Scholarships Limited is the operating arm of Australian Scholarships Foundation. We exist to strengthen and increase the capacity and effectiveness of the Australian Not-For-Profit sector. We achieve this through facilitating scholarships and mentoring opportunities that provide education, training and development to NFP boards, management & staff in key operational areas. Over the past 12 years we have processed 11800 applications and awarded 4100 scholarships at a market value greater than $11.6M.

Who They Help

  • People in rural/regional/remote communities
  • People from a culturally and linguistically diverse background
  • Other charities
  • Migrants, refugees or asylum seekers
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex persons
  • Adults - aged 65 and over
  • Adults - aged 25 to under 65
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people



Total employee expenses: $495,037 (75% of revenue).
Average full-time equivalent salary: $165,012.

Revenue vs Expenses

Australian Scholarships Limited has seen an average annual growth of 52% in revenue versus a 74% p.a. increase in expenses. This imbalance can sometimes mean a challenge for long-term financial management.

Assets vs Liabilities

As of 2020, Australian Scholarships Limited has a debt-to-equity (D/E) ratio of 0.78. This is considered slightly riskier than average within the charity space.

Sources of Revenue

Sources of Expense

Responsible People

Dianne Francois
Stephen Micallef
Stephen Garton
Possibly also represents: Ascham School Ltd, The Group Of Eight Limited.
David Gilchrist
George Paramananthan
Lucy Doyle
Hugh Morrow
Possibly also represents: AusSchol Incorporated.

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Registration Status
Charity is registered.
DGR Status

Donations can be claimed as a tax deduction. (Fund name: AUSTRALIAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND).

Office Address
L 7 1 Chifley Sq
Entity Type
Australian Public Company

A company is a non-individual client type. Company is defined to include a body corporate and any other unincorporated association or body of persons but does not include a partnership or a non-entity joint venture.

1300 248 675
[email protected]

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