Universal Soul Love

Universal Soul Love is a small-scale charity established in 2016. Their main activity is registered as women's rights primarily serving youth - 15 to under 25 adults - aged 25 to under 65 adults - aged 65 and over migrants, refugees or asylum seekers people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background victims of crime (including family violence) females overseas communities or charities general community in australia.

While Universal Soul Love's charitable activities and interests were hindered by the COVID-19 Pandemic, we continued to operate through the use of online media for most of 2020. We participated in several United Nations online meetings sponsored by the Women. Multi-Stakeholder Hearing Accelerating the realization of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls as part of the preparations for the High-Level Meeting of the General Assembly. We support the agendas of UN Women and feel their ambitions hold promise for advancing the status and rights of women in Australia. We also took the opportunity to establish policies and procedures for the proper management and operation of this charitable organisation during this period. We continued to reach out to individuals to promote Universal Soul Love's goals and objectives through social media and other online communication methods. We have connected with several registered charitable organisations which operate projects of mutual interest. We are in discussions with these charities in hopes of building a collaborative effort.

Universal Soul Love

Who They Help

  • Youth - 15 to under 25
  • Victims of crime (including family violence)
  • People from a culturally and linguistically diverse background
  • Overseas communities or charities
  • Migrants, refugees or asylum seekers
  • General community in Australia
  • Females
  • Adults - aged 65 and over
  • Adults - aged 25 to under 65



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Responsible People

Alexia Maegrait
David Mandrake
Lana Lubimoff

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Charity is registered.
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Not endorsed.

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Po Box 53
NSW 2454
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United States
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Australian Public Company

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