Barossa Region Community Foundation Trust

Also known as “Foundation Barossa”, Barossa Region Community Foundation Trust is a small-scale charity established in 2003. Their main activity is registered as arts education primarily serving children - aged 6 to under 15 youth - 15 to under 25.

our mission is to enable community philanthropy for the economic, social and cultural prosperity of the Barossa Community. We achieved this through 2 Appeals, one to help financially disadvantaged Barossans at Christmas to put food on the table and provide gifts for children that might not otherwise receive one. We also had an Emergency Relief Appeal in response to COVID in the region.. We continue in partnership with FRRR to provide Back to School vouchers for disadvantaged children in the region, to provide basic school essentials. This ties to our values around dignity through disadvantage to ensure no-one is left behind. We received a grant from Wyatt in Fy 20 which allowed us to provide support to independent learners aiming to complete Year 12 despite some extraordinary situations. We launched the Dr Ben Baker Memorial sub-fund, which was supported by community donations to allow people financial assistance to study in the field of human health. We also continued to support young musicians through support with instruments and travel to band practice, also aimed at nurturing our community and allowing people to achieve their goals.

Barossa Region Community Foundation Trust

Who They Help

  • Youth - 15 to under 25
  • Unemployed persons
  • People with disabilities
  • People in rural/regional/remote communities
  • People at risk of homelessness/ people experiencing homelessness
  • Males
  • Financially disadvantaged people
  • Females
  • Families
  • Early childhood - aged under 6
  • Children - aged 6 to under 15
  • Adults - aged 65 and over
  • Adults - aged 25 to under 65



Total employee expenses: $0 (0% of revenue).
Average full-time equivalent salary: $0.

Revenue vs Expenses

Barossa Region Community Foundation Trust has seen an average annual growth of 316% in revenue versus a 51% p.a. increase in expenses. This can be a good sign of financial health.

Grants given out in 2020 for use within Australia: $32,881

Assets vs Liabilities

Sources of Revenue

Sources of Expense

Responsible People

Lisa Laycock
Board Member
Annemaree Clementson
Board Member
Neil Retallick
Amy Heinicke
Board Member
Angela Pickett
Board Member
Jenny O'brien
Board Member
Lesley Ann Grimoldby
Board Member
Nick Slape
Deputy Chairperson
Karl Martin
Anthony Grundel
Board Member

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Registration Status
Charity is registered.
DGR Status

Donations can be claimed as a tax deduction. (Endorsed DGR - Public Ancillary Fund).

Office Address
Po Box 616
SA 5355
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Other Unincorporated Entity

An other unincorporated entity is a number of people grouped together by a common purpose with club-like characteristics, for example, a sporting club, social club or trade union. Some club-like characteristics are that: there are members of the association the members will normally be free to join or leave the association the association will normally continue in existence independently of any change to the composition of the association as a matter of history, there will have been a moment in time when a number of persons combined to form the association there is a contract (which can fall short of a legally enforceable contract) binding the members among themselves, and there is a constitutional arrangement for meetings of members and for appointing officers. The meaning of any other unincorporated association or body of persons does not include a non-entity joint venture.

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