Aussie Books For Zim

Aussie Books For Zim is a small-scale charity established in 2015. Their main activity is registered as primary and secondary education primarily serving early childhood - aged under 6 children - aged 6 to under 15 families people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background people in rural/regional/remote communities financially disadvantaged people females males overseas communities or charities.

Aussie Books For Zim, after receiving a grant of US$36,761.84 from the Australian Embassy in Zimbabwe, is in the process of constructing two libraries for two rural community schools namely Mtupane Primary School in Lupane and Chiurwi Primary School in Buhera. Construction is still ongoing, with disruptions having been experienced as a result of Covid19.

Aussie Books For Zim

Who They Help

  • People in rural/regional/remote communities
  • People from a culturally and linguistically diverse background
  • Overseas communities or charities
  • Males
  • Financially disadvantaged people
  • Females
  • Families
  • Early childhood - aged under 6
  • Children - aged 6 to under 15



Total employee expenses: $0 (0% of revenue).
Average full-time equivalent salary: $0.

Revenue vs Expenses

Aussie Books For Zim has seen an average annual growth of 112% in revenue versus a 28% p.a. increase in expenses. This can be a good sign of financial health.

Grants given out in 2020 for use outside of Australia: $12,851

Assets vs Liabilities

Sources of Revenue

Sources of Expense

Responsible People

Precious Mugadza
Registration Status
Charity is registered.
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Donations can be claimed as a tax deduction.

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